2D puzzle action game where saving coin is important!

Aiming for a goal using items.

Make a way with blocks.
Break a block with a hammer.

Item is useful. But you need coins.
When you clear the stage, high score if you have a lot of coins.

----- Controls -----

< Menu >

  • Mouse Cursor - Select
  • Mouse Click - Decide

< Game >

  • [A][D] - Move
  • [W] - Jump
  • Mouse Wheel - Select item
  • Mouse Click - Use item
GenrePuzzle, Action, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Unity
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Very nice, much simple and amazing game!! 

Thank you!

I can't get that first area music out of my head, haha. This game is cute and charming. Just the right level of difficulty. Addictive!

Thank you!

I love it !! Really awsome game , fun and kawai !

Thank you!

Deleted 73 days ago

> If you would agree to share Economical there?

OK. :)

Deleted 73 days ago

Hi, I sent you an email. :)

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Delightful game, well done!  Found a sneaky little way to squeeze out an extra 50 coins on Level 23. :-)


what a beautiful little game. i love watching the box person run <3 might i suggest you remap the functionality of the space bar? i keep pressing that expecting to jump and foolish me keeps opening the menu ;0;


Thank you for your advice! I think about space key. :)

such a wonderful game!!!!

Thank you!



music is great, never got bored of this game

Thank you!

"Nothing is available for download yet". The download file is a fake.


Sorry! Since this is a browser game, I have hidden the download button.

5/5 So much fun! I loved the extra challenge of going back to get the perfect cleared on all levels after beating the game. 

There were a few that relied on pure reaction time (especially with the birds and some of the jumps involving ceiling spikes) but most levels required thinking outside of the box to save the most coins. Very smooth controls and nice graphics (reminded me of Forager). Would love to see more tools and enemy types if you add on to the game in the future. 

Thank you very much!

That was a good game — it felt like the sort of thing Nitrome puts out in terms of polish and fun. The mechanics are well thought through and the money-as-move-counter adds a nice layer of complexity/replayibility to each level, without feeling like a chore.

Having now gotten gold on all the levels (76 was the last to fall), I think there's probably room to further consolidate them. For instance, there were  a handful of levels that seemed to have unintended solutions where you can finish with a higher number of coins than the gold-medal number. Equally, the mechanics don't seem to yield 80-levels-worth of discrete ideas, which leads to a sense of repetition as you get deeper in.  With that said, nobody ever went out of business making web games with lots of levels :)

One small technical point: I'd consider having a keyboard button to switch between block and hammer, as the mousewheel isn't really viable for trackpad users, and involves two finger scrolling ad nauseam in the hope that it will land on the tool you want to use.

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Thank you! And I uploaded it changeable with the [I] key!

However, save data may have been lost after updating the game. (Upon examination, it seems to be the specification of the game developed with Unity Engine.)


Sorry... :_(